MessageBird changelog
MessageBird changelog

AI : Analytics & Insights on Conversational Forms




You can now keep track of the performance of your conversational form-filling automations using the Fill Form step. The results can be tracked within our dashboard, under Knowledge Bases > Results tab.

In the report, you can find :

  • Total amount of form submissions
  • Average form completion time
  • Form completion rate
  • Distribution of completion rates per input, so you can track where users are having problem filling in data


If you've been using the Fill Form step already in your flow, you can see the results based on form filling sessions since 2022-04-20 (11 AM CEST).

Ready to get started?

As of today, Conversational Forms feature is available to all Flow Builder users. Head to Knowledge Bases, create your first Form, then start using it yourself in Flow Builder, either by testing with the simulator or using it with one of your favourite channels. To learn more, read our detailed guide explaining the inner-workings and best practices of the Fill Forms step.

Inbox: Canned Replies




We've extended the Inbox Canned Replies functionality, introducing a new Categories view.

Screenshot 2022-04-29 at 11.11.50.png

You can now easily manage your Categories, create, edit and delete those you don't need anymore.

Apart from a new way of adding Canned Replies inside categories, you can also assign them to specific queues, making sure your Agents only see & use Replies relevant to them ✨

Screenshot 2022-04-29 at 11.11.13.png

Inbox: WhatsApp Stickers




Say hello to WhatsApp stickers. We have just added the support for WhatsApp stickers for the incoming messages in Inbox.


Head to Inbox to see the stickers your contacts are using.

Inbox: Image upload redesign




We're excited to release the new image upload experience in Inbox! These changes let you:

  1. Drag and drop images into the reply box.
  2. Copy & paste images into the reply box.
  3. Write captions when sending images.


Head to Inbox and try out the new image upload experience.

Conversations: Create rich WhatsApp templates from your MessageBird dashboard




When businesses initiate WhatsApp conversations with their customers, WhatsApp requires that these messages are sent as pre-approved templates. Templates fall into the following categories:

  • Issue resolution
  • Reservation update
  • Ticket update
  • Alert update
  • Appointment update
  • Personal finance update
  • Shipping update
  • Account update
  • Payment update
  • Transportation update

You can now create rich media WhatsApp templates directly from the MessageBird dashboard. This includes templates that support media headers (video, images, documents), footers, and multiple languages. You can also submit a sample of the message template to WhatsApp, which greatly increases the chance that your template will be approved!

Screenshot 2022-01-31 at 15.16.08.png

Get started with the new template creator by logging into your dashboard and clicking the link!

Conversations API: Share products from your Facebook Catalogue on WhatsApp




We’ve just added support for WhatsApp product messages to the Conversations API. This allows businesses to send products from a Facebook catalogue to their customers in a WhatsApp conversation. Customers can interact with the single or multiple products, request additional information about a product and create and submit a shopping cart for further processing.


The following new messages types have been added to the API:

  • Single Product Message: an interactive message with a single product item from your business inventory. The product is displayed in a Product Detail Page (PDP) format.
  • Multi-Product Message: an interactive message with up to 30 product items from your business inventory.
  • Inbound Text Message: an inbound text message associated with a specific product. It can be used by your customers to ask questions about your products. Order Message: represents an order placed by your customer after receiving a single or multi-product message.

This new functionality will provide businesses with a way to build rich commerce experiences directly in WhatsApp, and provide another channel to reach their customers. To get started head over to our comprehensive quickstart!

Inbox: Ticket Rules 🤖




We are excited to announce a new set of out-of-the-box rules-based automations in Inbox!

Ticket Rules are designed to automate your Inbox workflows, increasing efficiency and saving time for your team. Our seven pre-set templates help you to handle repetitive tasks that would otherwise be performed manually by agents or admins.

Inbox ticket rules library.png

Read more about the feature in the help center or head over to Inbox to create your first Ticket Rule!

Voice: Verified Caller IDs




Millions of illegally spoofed spam or robocalls are sent out each day, with the intention of scamming people. These fraudulent calls impact legitimate businesses like yours, which is why we have released a new feature to help you protect your business: Caller ID verification for Voice traffic.

Do you own a non-MessageBird number that you want to use as your outbound caller ID? You can do so by verifying the number in your MessageBird account!

Navigate to the Verified Caller IDs page under your numbers dashboard, add the number, and choose your preferred verification method, receiving the verification code via either Voice or SMS. Once verified, you're good to go!

Verified numbers can only be used as Caller IDs for your outgoing calls. Incoming calls will still be routed via your existing service provider.

verifyNumber (1).gif

Read more information on Verified Called IDs.

Inbox: Multiple canned replies




Save time by combining multiple canned replies to compose a message. Instead of replacing the existing reply box content, selecting another canned reply will now add it to your existing message content.


Inbox: Filter agents by platform or queue




We've added two brand new filters, platform and queue, to the Agents list. Use them to filter agents by the platforms or queues that they work on.

Unfiltered agents list:

Screenshot 2022-01-04 at 13.17.35.png

Filtered agents list:

Screenshot 2022-01-04 at 13.20.42.png