Inbox Queue filtering and sorting!

Now you're able to sort your Inbox Queue by date and filter by tag! 🎉 Bringing a more efficient queue so your Agents can focus on doing their best work.

You can sort your conversations by date:

  • From newest to oldest
  • From oldest to newest

Want to try it?

Simply go to your Inbox Queue, sort your Inbox tickets in ascending or descending order, or select the tags you want to filter, and that's it!


Coming soon: Filters by status, and, for Inbox Owners and Admins: filtering by Agent.

Language Recognition

Introducing language recognition on Inbox tickets to help you automatically recognize ticket language in queues.

How can this help you?

This feature will analyze the language used in the first incoming message and add the recognized language as a tag on the incoming tickets in your queue. Enabling Language Recognition, allows your agents to handle the conversations in the best way and improve the customer experience.

Screenshot 2020-08-28 at 11.33.30.png

Automatically route your tickets

As part of a more advanced setup, you can also use this as part of routing tickets to the agents with the right language skills.

Head to the Inbox Automations page to enable this feature.

Sentiment Analysis

Introducing Sentiment Analysis, which provides you with automatic insight into how a customer is feeling based on the content of their messages.

How can this help you?

Is the customer happy, neutral, angry, or sad? This Inbox feature will help you and your agents to handle conversations in the best way. For example, if a customer is angry, the tone, choice of words, and perhaps the urgency to respond to that ticket are different than that of a neutral customer.

What emotions do we show?

We only show the emotions on the more extreme edges of the spectrum. If a ticket seems neutral, we won't bother you with it, but if a customer appears angry or happy, we'll let you know.

How does this work?

When you have this setting switched on we'll show an emoji on the incoming Inbox tickets in your queue.

Screenshot 2020-08-28 at 11.28.39.png

Head to the Inbox Automations page to enable this feature.

Learn how to implement and use Sentiment Analysis in our step-by-step guide.

WhatsApp Customer Profile Name

When your customers message you on WhatsApp, their profile name is now automatically added to their contact information!

This feature gives your business more information about your customers, enabling you to create a more personalized communication experience.

Head to the Channels Directory to install WhatsApp as a channel.

Create and manage multiple Omnichannel Widgets

You can now create multiple Omnichannel Widgets!

Each additional widget has its own Channel Identifier for Flow Builder and you can fully customize the design, behaviour, and visibility.

This feature is useful for businesses with multiple brands or experiences—such as a public website and a user dashboard.

Learn how to create and manage multiple Omnichannel Widgets in our step-by-step guide.


Add Multiple Facebook Messenger & Twitter Channels

You can now install multiple Facebook Messenger and Twitter channels in Inbox.

Businesses with more than one Facebook and Twitter account can now connect all their accounts to the same Inbox account.

Head to Channels Directory to install Twitter as a channel.

E-commerce integrations

Your customers can now start conversations directly in your e-commerce store via the Omnichannel Widget!

Check out our step-by-step guides and learn how to add the Omnichannel Widget to your:


Ticket Lifecycle Events

Inbox ticket thread now includes a log of all Agent actions, such as:

  • Accepting a ticket
  • Re-assigning a ticket to another agent
  • Returned a ticket to queue
  • Re-opening a ticket

Every time an action occurs, you will see information about right in the ticket conversation.

Interaction thread _  Ticket events _ Hover (2).png

This feature gives agents and admins a better context when handling tickets, and provides an audit log view to everyone monitoring tickets within Inbox.

Coming soon: Event for Resolving a ticket.

Extended Agent Roles

Introducing new roles within Inbox:

  1. Owner - only one per Inbox Account, An Owner has Access to the whole MessageBird Dashboard, Inbox Settings, Reporting, and Agent UI.

  2. Admin - any Agent created within Inbox settings can be set to have this role. Admins have access to Inbox Settings, Reporting, and Agent UI.

  3. Agent - Agents only have access to the Inbox Agent UI. Can be upgraded to Admins by Owners and Admins of the account at any point in time, via the Agents page.

Screenshot 2020-08-14 at 12.09.48.png

Coming soon: Ability for Owners and Admins to See All tickets, regardless of queues or the Agents assigned, within all three sections: Queue, Assigned and Resolved.

Import Shopify historical information to Inbox

The Shopify plugin now allows you to import your historical order in Inbox. You're now able to see your customer information in Inbox from day 1!

This feature allows you to import a file with all your Shopify orders. All the information will be available in the conversation timeline and contact information inside Inbox.

Simply go to Shopify on your integrations page, and choose Import existing customer data.

Screenshot 2020-08-14 at 09.31.25.png

Learn how to import Shopify historical information to Inbox in our step-by-step guide.