MessageBird changelog
MessageBird changelog

AI : Analytics & Insights on Conversational Forms




You can now keep track of the performance of your conversational form-filling automations using the Fill Form step. The results can be tracked within our dashboard, under Knowledge Bases > Results tab.

In the report, you can find :

  • Total amount of form submissions
  • Average form completion time
  • Form completion rate
  • Distribution of completion rates per input, so you can track where users are having problem filling in data


If you've been using the Fill Form step already in your flow, you can see the results based on form filling sessions since 2022-04-20 (11 AM CEST).

Ready to get started?

As of today, Conversational Forms feature is available to all Flow Builder users. Head to Knowledge Bases, create your first Form, then start using it yourself in Flow Builder, either by testing with the simulator or using it with one of your favourite channels. To learn more, read our detailed guide explaining the inner-workings and best practices of the Fill Forms step.