MessageBird changelog
MessageBird changelog

Conversations API: Share products from your Facebook Catalogue on WhatsApp




We’ve just added support for WhatsApp product messages to the Conversations API. This allows businesses to send products from a Facebook catalogue to their customers in a WhatsApp conversation. Customers can interact with the single or multiple products, request additional information about a product and create and submit a shopping cart for further processing.


The following new messages types have been added to the API:

  • Single Product Message: an interactive message with a single product item from your business inventory. The product is displayed in a Product Detail Page (PDP) format.
  • Multi-Product Message: an interactive message with up to 30 product items from your business inventory.
  • Inbound Text Message: an inbound text message associated with a specific product. It can be used by your customers to ask questions about your products. Order Message: represents an order placed by your customer after receiving a single or multi-product message.

This new functionality will provide businesses with a way to build rich commerce experiences directly in WhatsApp, and provide another channel to reach their customers. To get started head over to our comprehensive quickstart!