MessageBird changelog
MessageBird changelog

Conversations: Create rich WhatsApp templates from your MessageBird dashboard




When businesses initiate WhatsApp conversations with their customers, WhatsApp requires that these messages are sent as pre-approved templates. Templates fall into the following categories:

  • Issue resolution
  • Reservation update
  • Ticket update
  • Alert update
  • Appointment update
  • Personal finance update
  • Shipping update
  • Account update
  • Payment update
  • Transportation update

You can now create rich media WhatsApp templates directly from the MessageBird dashboard. This includes templates that support media headers (video, images, documents), footers, and multiple languages. You can also submit a sample of the message template to WhatsApp, which greatly increases the chance that your template will be approved!

Screenshot 2022-01-31 at 15.16.08.png

Get started with the new template creator by logging into your dashboard and clicking the link!