MessageBird changelog
MessageBird changelog

Conversations: Launching support for the WhatsApp Cloud Hosted API




I am excited to announce that from this week we will begin to onboard new customers, installing WhatsApp channels onto the cloud-hosted API.

When Meta originally launched support for the WhatsApp Business API, sending and receiving messages relied on running a self-hosted client that supported each individual business phone number. At MessageBird we are running many thousands of these clients for our customers.

Recently Meta has released support for a cloud-hosted version of these clients, meaning that each time a customer deploys a new business number, we will handoff messages via the cloud-hosted API to be delivered to end-users.

The great news for customers is that you will still get the same reliable, fully-featured experiences you always have when choosing to work with MessageBird to get access to the WhatsApp Business API and this will apply if your channel is on-premise or cloud-hosted.

What does it mean for me?

New customers will immediately start being onboarded onto cloud-hosted channels, and we will be making existing customers aware as their channels are migrated to the cloud-hosted API. Please contact our support team for further information.

By reducing the complexity of the infrastructure needed to support the WhatsApp Business API, we can focus on releasing more great features for your business.

Keep an eye on the changelog for new features soon!

How can I see if my channel is on premise or cloud hosted?

If a channel is on-premise, there will be a 'server' icon next to the channel in your dashboard.

If a channel is cloud-hosted, there will be a 'cloud' icon instead.

Screenshot 2022-06-22 at 11.58.06.png

Are there any changes I need to be aware of?

As part of the changes for supporting cloud-hosted API, we have made a minor change to the way that media is stored for incoming messages from your customers.

If your media link starts with you will need to provide your access key to download the media file. Full details can be found here.

This change will also be rolled out for on-premise customers in the near future.